Claria is Gregs 2nd best friend. Him and Greg go way back. He is 13 like Greg he is also the oldest of the group by a couple months. Him and Greg fight over Mae Vari's and Ellie Rabbits love which whom they both randavoe with. Claria also has had the most girlfriends and is the "Computer Nerd" of the group. Claria also has a bitter rivalrey between himself and the Wesal.

Claria C
Some attributes
First First Appearance: "It All Started Now"
Second Lastest Appearance: TBA
Third Weapon of Choice: Big Ass Blunt Rock Smashy Thingy!
Other attributes
Fourth Voice Actor: Anakin Mignone(2011-Present)
Fifth Based off: Anakin Mignone

 Claria vocied by Anakin Mignone and highly based off of. The reason for the "girlish name" is because while brainstorming the chacter Jack and Anakin were stuck on a name, and also at the same time working on a template for Ellie Rabbits whose name was temperarly Claria till they swapped the name for Ellie a name based off of one of Jacks sisters childhood friends.

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