Gopher Rodent is the main charcter of the BAMTvStudio show "Gopher The Rodent". He is a fat,lazy,stereotypical American father with,little money or love for his family.

Gopher Rodent
Some attributes
First First Appearance: "It All Started Now" (2014)
Second Lastest Appearance: TBA
Third Weapon of Choice: Smashed Whisky Bottle Duct Tapped on a stick
Other attributes
Fourth Voice Actor: Anakin Mignone (2010-present)
Fifth Based off: Homer Simpson,Peter Griffin,Hank Hill,and Bender Rodriguez.

He was created by Anakin Mignone in Late 2010. The Idea is based off sevral TV Chacters and was based off Harry Antonucci's idea. The orginal idea for a kid friendly show displaying an anthropromorphic Gopher singing in the local gardens along with an anthropromorphed garden gnome, Gnome. The idea was later rejected by the BAMTv Studios members, until repersented as a teen oriented show about the daily lives of teenagers and the adults around them with a less childish theme meant for 13 and above featuring; Mild Violence and Language, occasional Adult themes, and graphic images (fighting scenes containg blood). 

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