Greg Rodent is a 13 year old gopher who lives with the Rodent family. He is on the with his best friend Robert Rabbit Jr. and his arch enemey Marx Mouse. Greg is in love with Robert's sister Ellie Rabbit. Greg is mildly dixlexic so he spells "e" backwards. Like now, he got "F-"s in kindergarden, and got them ever since. Gregs rides the skateboard and bike.He is a such a slob infact in the episode when the Rodent family was robbed, Sue said, "Who would want to rob Greg's room, it's full of nothing but pizza!". Greg always gets lousy report cards, but some how Greg always go to the next grade.

Greg Rodent
Some attributes
First First Appearance:"It All Started Here" (2014)
Second Lastest Appearance: TBA
Third Weapon of Choice: Moldy Pizza Ninja Stars
Other attributes
Fourth Voice Actor: Jack Antonucci (2010-present)
Fifth Based off: Jack Antonucci and Bart Simpson.

Early concept art had, Greg with jowls, circle noses, and round teeth. Now, Greg has a white t-shirt, dome shapednose, and round buck teeth. Later, his teeth became square.Greg's best friends are a named Robert Rabbit jr.], a gopher named Claria, a mole named Brainy Mole and a friend known as Weasle.

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